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Desde 1978 prestando serviços náuticos com qualidade, conforto e segurança.

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The exposure “history of Ilha Fiscal” – Shows the occupation of the island by the Ministry of Finance, its transfer to the Navy of Brazil and some major events witnessed by the castle, as the Revolt of the Armada in 1893, and the reception hosted by the Brazilian Empire in 1889, which became party to the history books as “The Last ball of the Empire.”

Representing “The Last Ball of the Empire”, a scenario was set up to characterize the used clothing at this party, besides the exposure of the original prom invitation and personal belongings of the time. Photographs depicting the work of restoring the island are also shown in this module.

Visit the “Turret”;
Visitation of the “Ceremonial Wing”;
Visitation of the exhibition “The History of Fiscal Island”;
Visitation of the exhibition “The Social Contribution of Marine”

Visitation of the exhibition “The Contribution of Marine Science. ”
Visitation Tuesday to Sunday
Hours 08:00 am to 11:30 am
Tour conducted only for registered schools. Enjoy and make your registration.


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