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Desde 1978 prestando serviços náuticos com qualidade, conforto e segurança.

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The exposure “history of Ilha Fiscal” – Shows the occupation of the island by the Ministry of Finance, its transfer to the Navy of Brazil and some major events witnessed by the castle, as the Revolt of the Armada in 1893, and the reception hosted by the Brazilian Empire in 1889, which became party to the history books as “The Last ball of the Empire.” Representing “The Last Ball of   —>


Given the great importance of Guanabara Bay, its historical, environmental and cultural aspects, we would like to present a proposal to implement the program Cultural Guanabara Bay: Ecological Awareness and Education, aiming to awaken and rescue the environmental responsibility, especially in our youth. Taking the Guanabara Bay as a laboratory example, the place was considered a World Heritage Site in Rio Global Forum 1992 (Conference of Heads of State in   —>