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Desde 1978 prestando serviços náuticos com qualidade, conforto e segurança.

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Its story is peopled with ships loaded with riches, and pirate attacks. At its port was drained some of the gold brought from Minas Gerais. Its area of 816.3 km2 is divided into districts of Angra, Cunhambebe, Ilha Grande and Mambucaba.

The view is unique: the blue waters live in harmony with the green of the Atlantic, and are an invitation for water sports.

At the sea, the contact with the “Friends” (Dolphins) yield amusing moments. The islands offers the visitors the very best in matters of beaches, restaurants, fish and seafood (including floating restaurants), bars and crafts shops.


Suggested program:
17:00 – reception of the group at the pier, with typical music (optional) and cocktail fruit for each passenger. Embark on one of our schooners for transfer to the place of the event. The whole island will be decorated with torches and each passenger will receive a colorful tropical necklace(optional pictures with receptionists dressing tropical costumes). There will be a big bonfire on the beach. Tropical buffet with fruits, salads, hot dishes (fish, chicken and garrison), fruit salad and local typical sweets. Open bar and folkloric shows are optional.
21:30 – return to the pier.

3 kinds of open bar during the whole event: classic, national and imported.
This programming can be modified or adapted according to the necessities of the event organizer.


Ideal program for incentive groups. This event can be done on beaches and islands chosen by the client, next to the group location.

Boat tour with stops to swim. The maritime route and the embark can vary, depending on the chosen place. We have a wide variety of boats to rent.

The barbecue is composed by:
Meet, chicken, sausage and fish, rice, farofa(manioc flour prepared with butter or oil ), bread, vinaigrette sauce (sauce prepared with vinegar, oil, tomato, pimento and onion), lettuce, carrot, cucumber, beetroot, tomato and pimiento, tropical fruits, Brazilian home made sweets ( banana, coconut and papaya). Coffee.

Support structure: tables and chairs for the whole group. Beach tents, Arabian tent for the buffet, optional recreation activities (volleyball, soccer, shuttlecock, etc).


It is certainty a program some people has never done. We use typical wicker baskets and and checkered tablecloths with participants sitting around.

Each basket can attend 4 people and it is composed by: sandwiches, fruits, breads, cake, biscuits, butter and jelly among other things.

The program includes boat tour, which maritime route varies according to the chosen beach.


This post is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil)